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 PolliNation ID App
PolliNation ID App

Bees and other native pollinators around the globe are disappearing at a shocking rate; it is clear that we need to act right away! The PolliNation Project is a citizen science initiative sponsored by the University of Michigan-Dearborn to increase awareness of native pollinators and to better understand their plight.

Become part of this initiative by using the PolliNation ID App to identify and submit accounts of the native pollinators that you see in your neighborhood. Here you’ll find all the tools that you need to identify common Michigan pollinators and other insects that share their homes as well as learn more about their habits and habitats. You can also submit pictures of the pollinators that you find to help us learn more about the distributions of these important insects.

The PolliNation ID app is available for download via the App Store for iOS-based systems. An Android version of the app is still under development at this time.

This is the sister application to the PolliNation Hotels App, which maps the location of all insect hotels associated with the Project throughout southeast Michigan.

Learn How to Install and Use the PolliNation ID App:

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PolliNation ID App Privacy Policy

This privacy policy governs your use of the PolliNation ID App software application (“Application”) on a mobile device. The Application was created by The University of Michigan. The Application is an educational tool that helps the user identifies pollinators that are located at PolliNation Insect Hotels. The app can identify a pollinator by either a (1) questionnaire or by an (2) integrated photo AI. Users are able to identify a pollinator at the insect hotel, they have the option to submit the pollinator to the Environmental Interpretive Center to be used for data analytic regarding pollinators located at the insect hotels. The app will also hold a summary of encyclopedia information about pollinators that live-in South-East Michigan.