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Carrie Shumaker named ITS director, CIO

September 18, 2017

Shumaker has served as interim campus ITS director since December.

Carrie Shumaker won’t leave you lost in translation.

Named the director of information technology, strategy and operations in the Department of Information Technology Services (ITS) and chief information officer Sept. 1, Shumaker has always had an interest in bridging information through effective communication.

She served as an editor of her college newspaper to take information and craft it in an understandable way for the audience. As an undergraduate student, she took foreign language classes and majored in Spanish.

During her senior year, a college career adviser pointed out a different field—one that still played into her communication interests—and she found her path: information technology.

“Information technology is a tangible output that benefits people. I love it,” she said. “I can both understand IT speak and make it relatable to those who may not. For progress, having a message translated effectively is essential.”

Shumaker, who has served as interim campus ITS director since December, is responsible for leading the development, implementation and administration of comprehensive information technology strategies, policies and procedures that support the university’s mission and goals.

“When I told people I was coming to UM-Dearborn, I was told of the family environment it has. It’s true,” she said. “There is a harmony. Our work here is to benefit our students and, through them, society. Everyone believes in this campus’ mission to transform lives and we all feel it.”

Since December, Shumaker has provided strategic direction on numerous campus priorities such as Banner upgrades and the implementation of the campus constituent relations management system and has re-established and repopulated campus IT governance committees.

Always up for a challenge, Shumaker said she enjoys the nature of the IT field.

“Even if you know the prevailing technology at the time, you aren’t going to be an expert long unless you keep challenging yourself.  Everything changes so fast. And that’s the pace I like.”

Shumaker, who worked in information technology at UM-Ann Arbor for 16 years, said she felt the Dearborn campus’ energy—through interacting with students and staff—almost as soon as she began: She saw engineering students and faculty work together on projects in the Institute for Advanced Vehicle Systems. She observed the strong work ethic of her student interns. And she heard from students what attending UM-Dearborn means to them.

“These students are coming here to change their lives. Many are first generation. Many are working full time. Many have children and other responsibilities,” she said. “What we do in ITS connects students to the university, which helps them accomplish their goals. That is an amazing thing to be a part of.”


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