Remembering art educator Kevin Castile

The applied art lecturer, who encouraged students to find and appreciate beauty in the world, passed away Jan. 19....

Could we make food processing ‘smarter’?

UM-Dearborn professors are teaming up with Michigan State University to take the human guesswork out of modern food processing....

America needs more farmers. Could robots help?

CECS Assistant Professor Jaerock Kwon is working on autonomous vehicles that could assist farmworkers. But building farm AVs presents a much different challenge than ones designed for the road....

Could you be friends with a robot?

CECS Associate Professor Samir Rawashdeh creates interactive robots for his kids to play with. It’s taught him something about what it might take to make human-robot interactions meaningful. ...

Office of Research update for April 2024

See whose work is getting funded, browse new funding opportunities, learn about services that can advance your work and check out April's research events....

Amanda Esquivel is pushing student research into its next phase at UM-Dearborn

Undergraduate research has some solid momentum at UM-Dearborn. With her 2023-24 Provost Fellowship, the associate professor of mechanical engineering is focusing on how to keep it going....

Celebrating baseball’s unsung heroes

In his documentary, “Fielding Dreams,” Professor Emeritus Jim Gilmore celebrates the lives of baseball scouts — the game's only professionals not represented in the Hall of Fame....

Xuan Zhou’s UM-Dearborn homecoming

Xuan Zhou, the first-ever graduate of a UM-Dearborn doctoral program, is now a faculty member in the College of Engineering and Computer Science. He couldn't be happier about the life twists that led him here — and led him back....

Business ethics could use a dose of existentialism

College of Business Assistant Professor Helet Botha thinks one of the most relevant philosophical systems for navigating tricky moral situations is one that’s traditionally been left out of the business ethics canon....

If you want kids to learn music, teach it like a language

Education doctoral student and elementary music teacher Eric Bottorff recently won the Michigan Music Educator of the Year award for his inventive classroom approaches, including teaching music to special education students....