Program Length, Season and Appropriate Grade Levels

  • This program lasts 1-1/2 to 4-1/2 hours, and can be adapted to suit your needs. (This program includes an outdoor walk, but indoor components are available.)
  • The program is offered year–round.
  • Appropriate for Grade Levels 5 – 12.

Program Description and Activities

This program introduces the concept of a watershed and explores the interconnections between human activity, watershed health, and the plant and animal communities in the Rouge River watershed.

Your students will be engaged in a multifaceted program experience that may include:

  • Exploring a brief history of southeast Michigan from: glacial formation, use by Native Americans, advent of industrialization, and current management plans.
  • Viewing multimedia videos including which provide a greater depth of knowledge and understanding of the Rouge River Watershed.
  • Using maps on a guided walk to trace the path of water runoff.
  • Observe and discuss how impervious surfaces impact the ecological quality of the Rouge River.
  • Measuring water velocity at a point along the Rouge River.
  • Calculating the volume of runoff from a parking lot that drains to the Rouge River.

More Details

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