Understanding Insects and Spiders

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In this program, students will observe insects and spiders in their natural habitats.  They will be prompted to make connections between their findings and ecological terms and concepts, such as adaptation, biological diversity, indications of habitat health, and insect biomass. 

Grade Levels, Program Length, and Season

  • Appropriate for Grade Levels 3-8
  • This program lasts 2 hours, and can be adapted to suit your needs
  • The program is offered June - October

Program Description and Activities

Students will use various techniques for finding, capturing and observing insects and spiders in their natural habitat, and, if time allows, a microscope investigation of insect and spider adaptations. We will also include investigations and discussions of the tremendous importance of insects in the food web. In particular, this multifaceted program experience may include: 

  • Using an assortment of tools and techniques for field sampling of insects and spiders.
  • Discovering a variety of local insect and spider species.
  • Asking questions about the different insects and spiders we discover in our field sampling.  
  • Discussing how the presence of insects and spiders in a habitat can reveal important aspects of habitat health and function.  
  • Discussing the adaptations and life histories of some of the insects and spiders we observe.  
Science Standards