Shuttle Around Campus...

Shuttle service to Fairlane Center South (FCS) is available to faculty, staff, and students. 

  • The shuttle will pick up and drop off passengers at turnarounds located at the Administration Building, the University Center, and the Fairlane Center.
  • A valid UMID Card is required to board the shuttle.
  • Shuttle service begins on the first day of class and runs until the last day of finals.

Shuttle Routes

Select the Shuttle for where you want to go!

  • MAIZE Shuttle: Previously the "International" Shuttle.
  • BLUE Shuttle: Travels between the University Center and the Fairlane Center.
  • WOLVERINE Shuttle travels between The Union, the University Center, the Administration Building, and the Fairlane Center.

...And Beyond!

The University shuttle service provides students, faculty, and staff with six (6) primary stops. During the Fall and Winter terms, our shuttle travels between the Fairlane Center and the University Center every 10 minutes.

Saturday shopping trips to Kroger, Randazzos, and Patel Brothers are offered in the morning and in the afternoon. Shopping riders arrive and depart from each store as a group. All Riders must present their valid UMID card as their boarding pass. 

Map of UM-Dearborn Shuttle Stops

Parking Services

1200 -
Campus Support Services Building (CSS)
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