Working and Studying

It’s all about balance.

Two students studying with focus on female student

Nearly every student at UM-Dearborn works while managing a full courseload, family obligations, and multiple on-campus activities and organizations.

We provide plenty of support as well as access to work and study opportunities to help students like you learn to prioritize responsibilities and succeed, academically and professionally.

Experiential Learning

Develop your strengths. Embrace your role. Contribute to something bigger than yourself. UM-Dearborn is founded on experiential learning programs, where students network and collaborate with leading companies, government agencies and nonprofits nearby and abroad. The real-world experiences you gain here will serve you well, wherever life takes you.

We offer more than 700 co-op and internship opportunities with corporate partners, as well as a wide array of campus jobs in positions that include: office administration, IT help desk, library support, research assistance, event coordination and tutoring.

Career Support

Before you apply for your first—or next—position, connect with UM-Dearborn Career Services. We can help you perfect your resume or brush up on interview skills.

UM-Dearborn Difference Maker

Our students are improving the lives of others and making an impact in the community. Meet more Difference Makers.

Amanda Cowell
While I have faced difficulties and setbacks during my studies, I have been able to persist in achieving my goals. And I make an effort to share my struggles with others as a model for perseverance.
— Amanda Cowell, ‘19 Mathematics