2023 UM-Dearborn Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Get ready to unwrap the spirit of innovation with the 2023 UM-Dearborn Holiday Gift Guide! Just like the bright minds that call our campus home, this year's selection is bursting with creativity and entrepreneurial flair. From sleek Wolverines-inspired gear to handcrafted treasures from our talented alumni and students, each gift is a celebration of the innovative spirit that defines us. This holiday season, join us in supporting the makers, dreamers, and doers who continue to shape the UM-Dearborn legacy. Give the gift of inspiration — because Wolverines know that the best presents come with a touch of Maize and Blue magic! Go Blue — Go Dearborn!

Are We Old Yet book

Are We Old Yet?

If you are like Garry Cole, ‘79 B.S.A., and want to understand and prepare for your aging journey, we invite you to grab your favorite cup of coffee and join this conversation. Garry is not a doctor, scientist, psychiatrist, nutritionist, or gerontologist. He is on the aging journey, just like you. Originally I did the research and wrote this book for myself, but humbly want to share it with you. My desire is to remember the past, but more importantly prepare for the future. If you are like me and want to understand and prepare for our aging journey, I invite you to grab the book along with your favorite cup of coffee. Because every conversation should begin with a great cup of coffee. I hope you enjoy our time together.

Available at:  garrycole.com

Belinda Bea, The Original Boss BagBelinda Bea, The Original Boss Bag

Introducing The Original Boss Bag, where luxury meets functionality in the world of handbags. Founded by Narketta Sparkman-Key, ‘04 M.A.L.S., a visionary alumna of the University of Michigan-Dearborn, these exquisite handbags are meticulously crafted for women who embody grace and ambition on the go. Each bag seamlessly blends contemporary style with practicality, offering a perfect companion for the modern woman's dynamic lifestyle. Visit the website to explore a collection that redefines elegance and empowers every woman to embrace her inner boss with sophistication and flair. Elevate your daily hustle with The Original Boss Bag—where fashion meets functionality.

Available at:  bbbossbags.com

Black & BougieBlack & Bougie

Black & Bougie, founded by UM-Dearborn alum Rashid Faisal, ‘05 M.A. and '20 Ed.D., is not just a lifestyle brand—it's a cultural movement rooted in promoting and educating on Black American history. Based in Detroit, this brand seamlessly weaves historical and cultural elements into minimalist fashion basics, creating a visual ode to the richness of Black American expression. By choosing black as the essence of all colors and embracing "Bougie" as a commitment to the best of living, Black & Bougie becomes a powerful symbol of individuals living their best lives. Rashid Faisal's vision is embodied in the brand's motto, "Changing the Narrative by Changing the Narrative," making Black & Bougie more than just a fashion statement—it's a celebration and redefinition of Black culture.

Available at:  higherlearningmerch.com

The Collective: A Comic & Game CommunityThe Collective: A Comic & Game Community

Step into The Collective: Central Florida's exclusive hub for comics, card games, miniatures, role-playing, and board games. Located in Altamonte Springs and owned by UM-Dearborn alum Kelly Galea, ‘90 B.S.A., they are your go-to comic book store, delivering fresh releases every Wednesday alongside a curated backstock and trades for complete story experiences. Dive into the world of card gaming with various Magic formats and the latest card games, offering both competitive play and casual pickup games. Unleash your strategic prowess in their miniature game store, where fantasy armies clash in epic battles. Experience immersive role-playing, battling orcs and goblins in fantastical realms, and share the joy of dice rolling and deck building in both cooperative and competitive board games. Explore the realm of creativity and inspiration.

Available at:  thecollectivecomics.com

Daring to LiveDaring to Live

In Sheri Hunter’s, ‘89 B.A., memoir, Daring to Live, chronicles her spiral into depression following the sudden death of her husband, and with the aid of her faith and friendships, she rebounded with a series of life-affirming challenges (dares) which proved to be the elixir to her soul and return to happiness. Daring to Live touches on themes that each person experiences in life: death of a loved one, questioning of one’s faith, healing, the power of friendship, and working hard to find purpose and unapologetic glee in our lives.

Available at:  sherihunter.com

Dr. Sadaf LodiDr. Sadaf

Meet Dr. Sadaf, where compassionate care meets transformative coaching. As a board-certified OBGYN, Dr. Sadaf Lodhi, ‘96 B.S., seamlessly bridges the gap between physical health and intimate well-being. Offering tele-visit consultations for patients in Michigan and New York, her expertise extends beyond traditional medical boundaries. Dr. Sadaf's unique approach goes beyond routine check-ups—she doubles as a life and intimacy coach, providing private, confidential, and empathetic 1:1 online coaching sessions. Whether you're seeking personal growth or navigating professional challenges, Dr. Sadaf empowers women to unlock the full spectrum of pleasure in their relationships. With a foundation rooted in the University of Michigan-Dearborn, Dr. Sadaf Lodhi brings over two decades of experience to guide you towards living your best life both personally and professionally.

Available:   DrSadaf.com

Hadha BaladunaHadha Baladuna: Arab American Narratives of Boundary and Belonging

Hadha Baladuna ("this is our country") is the first work of creative nonfiction in the field of Arab American literature that focuses entirely on the Arab diaspora in Metro Detroit, an area with the highest concentration of Arab Americans in the US. UM-Dearborn Alumni Author Contributors: Teri Bazzi-Oliver, ‘12 B.A., Mai Jakubowski, ‘15 B.A., Yasmin Mohamed, ‘15 B.A., and Hanan Ali Nasser, ‘18 B.A. share their childhood narrative of escape and survival.

Available at:  wsupress.wayne.edu

Kam's KreationsKam's Kreations

Elevate your style with Kamryn McCutcheon's exclusive line of sustainable upcycled fashion! Crafted by hand from 100% second-hand fabric, their sweatpants and shorts not only showcase unique designs but also contribute to a greener planet. As a current UM-Dearborn student, Kamryn's commitment to eco-friendly fashion shines through in every stitch, offering you a one-of-a-kind blend of comfort, conscience, and campus chic. Join the movement towards a more sustainable wardrobe with Kamryn McCutcheon's handmade creations.

Available:  Instagram and Facebook

Color MediumKelly Galea and Trinity Creative Partners LLC

Color Medium, brought to you by Kelly Galea, ‘90 B.S.A., and Trinity Creative Partners LLC, is your gateway to a more vibrant and magical life. Immerse yourself in a world of color and energy through personalized group and one-on-one readings, unlocking the secrets that hues hold for you. Elevate your journey further with their online courses and in-person workshops, curated by Kelly Galea, a visionary UM-Dearborn alum from the College of Business. Embrace the magic of a technicolor existence with Color Medium.

Available: colormedium.com

Kiloh + CoKiloh + Co

As Wolverines, there are a few things we all know to be true about the cold, wintery months. They are as follows: the weather will be a hot topic of conversation, sweatshirts become a wardrobe staple, and your weekends will be monopolized by college football. Kiloh + Co (named after the owner’s furry friend), is a woman-owned apparel brand that understands these seasonal truths and provides a perfect solution. Kiloh + Co, started by UM-Dearborn alum Amanda Adamcheck, ‘07 B.B.A., is an Etsy shop turned boutique specializing in all things game day and local love with cozy Ts, sweatshirts and gift items! So get ahead of the winter season with some comfortable apparel and a whole lot of state pride!

Available at:  kilohandco.com

Moon Reading GroupMoon Reading Group

Welcome to Moon Reading Group, a dynamic black-owned literacy organization rooted in the rich history of literacy. Founded by Kinshasa Moon-Smith, ‘08 B.A., a proud UM-Dearborn alum, their mission is to empower black boys and girls by not just teaching literacy but by delving into its historical significance. Moon Reading Group believes in closing literacy gaps while making the learning experience enjoyable and engaging. At Moon Reading Group, they go beyond books. In addition to fostering a love for reading, they prioritize financial literacy. Through innovative initiatives like children's business fairs, they nurture young entrepreneurship and equip the next generation with essential life skills. Located in the vibrant city of Detroit, they are dedicated to building a brighter future through the power of knowledge and imagination. Join us on a journey where literacy meets empowerment at Moon Reading Group!

Available:  moonreadinggroup.com

Rachel Leonard PhotographyRachel Leonard Photography

The last few years have definitely felt like a time warp — especially when it comes to having face time with loved ones. If it's been a while since you've updated the family album, consider booking some time with '18 College of Arts, Sciences, & Letters grad Rachel Leonard. Her 60-minute "Memory Making Sessions" are an easy and affordable way to capture authentic moments from graduation parties, birthday celebrations, family reunions or any occasion where you're gathering with your people.

Available at:  Rachel Leonard Photography

Ripple of ChangeRipple of Change

Ripple of Change is an acclaimed book, co-authored by UM-Dearborn alum Joshua Judy, ‘09 M.S., telling the story of a doctor and patient and how they persevered through a broken healthcare system. Their combined journey reveals the incredible healing power of the doctor-patient relationship, leaving the reader inspired and ready to lead positive change. The reader will discover simple solutions to seemingly complex problems in healthcare, their lives, and beyond.

Available at:  ourquadrupleaim.com

Samantha Domingue PhotographySamantha Domingue Photography

Welcome to Samantha Domingue Photography, where moments become timeless treasures. Founded by Samantha Ryan, ‘15 M.A., a dedicated wife, mother of four, and proud UM-Dearborn alum, her company is fueled by a passion for capturing the essence of family and the beauty in every individual. With a background in education and a keen eye for detail, Samantha brings patience, creativity, and a perfectionist's touch to her work. Specializing in portrait photography, Samantha Domingue Photography, LLC, goes beyond the ordinary to craft stunning visual narratives that reflect the unique personalities and stories of her clients. From the innocence of childhood to the warmth of family bonds, each image is a masterpiece, skillfully composed to freeze moments in time. Trust Samantha to turn your cherished memories into art, preserving the magic of life's fleeting moments.

Available at:  samanthadominguephotography.com


Introducing Strawesome, a pioneering force in the battle against plastic pollution. Founded in March 2009 by Brian Surowiec, ‘00 B.S., a visionary graduate from the University of Michigan-Dearborn, their mission is clear: eradicate the reliance on single-use plastic drinking straws. With the world grappling with the environmental repercussions of plastic waste, Strawesome takes a bold stand, offering the planet's most artistic, eco-friendly, and health-conscious alternative. Their commitment extends beyond just providing a sustainable product; they back it up with a lifetime warranty and exceptional customer service. Join the alternative straw movement with Strawesome and be part of the solution to a cleaner, healthier world. Explore the innovative solutions and be a part of the sustainable revolution.

Available at:  strawesome.com

Vesey Lane GoodsVesey Lane Goods

Vesey Lane Goods, founded by the creative mind and University of Michigan-Dearborn graduate Robin Wilson, ‘18 B.A., is more than just a brand—it's a curator of timeless moments. Specializing in high-quality greeting cards, gifts, and home decor, they are dedicated to weaving threads of nostalgia into the fabric of your life. Their carefully crafted products are designed to honor the past, infuse the present with vibrancy, and, most importantly, cultivate memories that transcend time. With Vesey Lane Goods, every keepsake becomes a cherished chapter in the story of your life and the generations that follow.

Available at:  veseylanegoods.com

Wolverine PickleballWolverine Pickleball

Welcome to Wolverine Pickleball, the ultimate destination for pickleball enthusiasts in Southeast Michigan, conveniently nestled in Ann Arbor. Whether you're a novice eager to embrace the game, a casual player seeking social camaraderie, or an advanced enthusiast honing your skills, they cater to all skill levels in an atmosphere of fun and community. Wolverine Pickelball’s meticulously organized sessions provide the perfect platform for learning and growth. Enjoy the luxury of premier pickleball courts, complemented by a pro shop, lounge, and private party rooms. Elevate your experience with private court reservations, or spice up your celebrations with exclusive party and event packages. As a proud UM-Dearborn Alum, owner Christy Howden, ‘99 M.B.A., ensures a welcoming haven for all pickleball enthusiasts. Join Wolverine Pickleball, where the thrill of the game meets a vibrant social experience!

Available:  wolverinepickleball.com

UM-Dearborn Alumni TumblersUM-Dearborn Athletics Tumblers

If you’re looking for holiday gift ideas for fellow Dearborn Wolverines, why not a UM-Dearborn tumbler? The Department of Athletics & Recreation, along with the Alumni Engagement Office, offers UM-Dearborn tumblers, water bottles, and mugs. Personalize drinkware with your loved one’s name, graduation year, or a special message to add a sentimental touch. Proceeds from sales of the drinkware will benefit UM-Dearborn Athletics or the Alumni Engagement Office for Alumni-specific items.

Available:  UM-Dearborn tumblers

Many University of Michigan-Dearborn alumni and students submitted their business information to be included in this Gift Guide and we compiled this list as a service. Inclusion in this Gift Guide should not be considered an endorsement by the university for these products or services.

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