The minor in Medieval & Renaissance Studies is cross-cultural in design and covers the time-period from Late Antiquity (ca. 400) to the seventeenth century.

Through the interdisciplinary study of history, art, religion, language and literature, students will develop an integrated understanding of medieval and early modern civilization.  Its legacy, along with its intellectual and social diversity, enhances our understanding not only of the past but of present society.

Minor Requirements

Students at the University of Michigan - Dearborn wishing to have a Minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies have to complete 15 credit-hours of course work from three of the disciplines listed below. Learn more about Minor Requirements.

The list contains all the medieval and renaissance courses offered at the university.

Note: Courses taken to fulfill requirements for a Major cannot also be applied to fulfill the requirements of a Minor. Courses taken as Cognates can, however, be counted towards the requirements for a Minor.

Note: ENGL 311 "British Literature, to Milton" is not a course that fulfills the requirement for the MRS Minor.\

Art History: 331: Early Christian and Byzantine Art
Art History 332: Early Medieval and Romanesque Art
Art History 333: Gothic Art and Architecture
Art History 334: The 14th Century
Art History 335: Women in Medieval Art and Religion (HUM/RELS/WGST 335)
Art History 341: Art and Architecture in Early Renaissance Florence
Art History 342: High Renaissance and Mannerism
Art History 343: Northern Renaissance Art
Art History 344: Italian Renaissance Sculpture: Donatello to Michelangelo
Art History 351: Southern Baroque Art
Art History 352: Northern Baroque Art
Art History 434: The Eternal City: Renaissance and Baroque Rome
Art History 554: Rembrandt: Master Paintings, Drawings and Prints

English 358: Shakespeare on Film (HUM 358)
English 371: Survey of Medieval English Literature: Beginning to 1500
English 372: Survey of English Literature: 1500 to 1600
English 373: 1600-1660
English 400: Major Authors of the Middle Ages
English 401: The Literature of Anglo-Saxon England
English 404: Mystical Writers of the Middle Ages
English 405: Chaucer
English 406: Studies in Medieval Literature and Culture
English 408: Shakespeare (Early)
English 409: Shakespeare (Late)
English 410: Major Authors of the Renaissance
English 412: Milton
English 413: Shakespeare's Contemporaries
English 414: Seventeenth-Century Readings 

History 314: England: Tudor and Stuarts
History 329: Medieval Society
History 330: The Renaissance
History 331: The Reformation Era
History 4312: European Encounters with the Wider World, 1400-1800

Philosophy 307: Medieval Philosophy: Christian, Islamic and Jewish Perspectives

Comparative Lit 433: Writing Women in the Renaissance

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