Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate

The GIS Certificate provides students with experience and knowledge in the theory and application of GIS.

Place-based technologies are ubiquitous, from location services on Smartphones to spatial-decision support systems that guide applications in business, government, utilities and communication, natural resources, public safety, transportation, utilities & communication, education, health and human services, and even digital humanities. It is not hard to see how place influences your particular area of study or practice! Because of the broad array of geospatial technology across a variety of disciplines and fields, people from diverse backgrounds and interests can benefit from gaining experience in GIS and Remote Sensing.

GIS Certificate Director: Dr. Jacob Napieralski

GIS Faculty

Jacob Napieralski

Professor of Geology; Director, Master of Science in Environmental Science (MSES) Program; Director, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate

Department of Natural Sciences

114 - Science Faculty Center
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Dearborn, MI 48128
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