Charu Chandra, Ph.D.

Donald Ross Cowan Endowed Collegiate Professor, Professor, Operations Management
Charu Chandra
College of Business
Department of Management Studies
Operations Management
183 Fairlane Center South | 19000 Hubbard Drive | Dearborn, MI 48126

Teaching Areas:

BBA, BBA Supply Chain Management, MBA, MS-Business Analytics, MS-Supply Chain Management

Research Areas:

Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Healthcare informatics, Supply chain management

Biography and Education

Charu Chandra, Ph.D., Professor of Operations Management at the University of Michigan-Dearborn College of Business. He joined the College of Business on September 1, 2009. Prior to this appointment, he was a Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering in the College of Engineering and Computer Science. His Ph.D. and Master's are in industrial engineering and operations research from the Arizona State University, Tempe and the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, respectively. 


Professor Chandra is involved in research in supply chain management, and enterprise integration issues in large complex systems. Specifically, his research focus is on studying systems in various application domains with the aim of developing cooperative models to represent coordination and integration in an enterprise. Currently, his primary focus is in the area of Health Enterprise Informatics, wherein he is investigating topics on optimizing patient-centered health care delivery for elderly people. Some of his recent research projects focus on healthcare delivery, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and global logistics topics.

He has secured and led several major funded projects with sponsors from healthcare, textile, and defense industries. He has published several books, papers in leading archival research journals, book chapters and conference proceedings in the areas of health care management, supply chain management, enterprise modeling, information systems support, inventory management, and group technology.

He has also Guest Edited several journal issues on many of the above topics. He is the Area Editor of OMEGA, a leading journal in Management Science and Operations Management areas and serves on the Editorial Board of several academic journals with editorial responsibilities for supply chain management, enterprise engineering, and health systems management track papers. He is actively involved in several academic and professional societies in various capacities. At University of Michigan-Dearborn, he has been involved in developing graduate programs in information systems & technology, supply chain management, and business analytics in the College of Engineering & Computer Science, and the College of Business. He has taught courses in information systems engineering, industrial engineering & operations research, management science, decision sciences, and supply chain management.


Arizona State University

Selected Publications

Refereed Archival Journal Articles

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