Can we still find a path to civil discourse?

In an era where strong opinions dominate and people are increasingly unwilling to entertain alternative perspectives, Chancellor Domenico Grasso is going old school in his effort to rebuild the foundation for debating big issues....

Class of Spring 2024: CEHHS graduate Weirong Huang

The ’20 education alum returned for a master’s to pursue her passion for teaching English language learners. ...

If you want kids to learn music, teach it like a language

Education doctoral student and elementary music teacher Eric Bottorff recently won the Michigan Music Educator of the Year award for his inventive classroom approaches, including teaching music to special education students....

Celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

UM-Dearborn hosts the annual MLK Day of Service on Jan. 15, followed by a week of events that highlight Dr. King and the importance of continued social justice work....

The perfect idea to ensure perfect name pronunciations at commencement

Professor Hafiz Malik and his graduate students built a new name reader that allows students to record their names in their own voices for the commencement ceremony....

A new scholarship is fueling diversity in STEM programs

Alum Jim Scapa is broadening support for engineering students from underrepresented groups....

Lynn Perry Wooten visits UM-Dearborn for Thought Leaders Series

The Simmons University president and former Ross School of Business professor shared her insights on the “she-cession” and best practices for supporting women in leadership....

What we’re missing when we simplify MLK’s life and legacy

Associate Professor Terri Laws thinks honoring Martin Luther King Jr. must start with a more thorough reckoning with his thought, his place in history and his relevance for today....

A practical approach for addressing bias in artificial intelligence

University of Pennsylvania Professor and U-M alum Desmond Patton says building more ethical technological systems starts with bringing more voices to the table....

When content isn’t king

To boost learning, faculty should cut material. Wait, what?...