Glass ceilings and plastic barriers: Will COVID’s impacts pave a path to pay parity?

The pandemic highlighted a fundamental contradiction of our economic system today: The caring labor that’s assigned the lowest value, and is often performed by women, is also essential. Feminist economist Professor Suzanne Bergeron says people in power hav...

Spiders in the house? Put that blowtorch away

Spiders are all over your home and in your yard. Associate Professor Anne Danielson-Francois, a renowned spider expert, says that’s a good thing. Hear her out....

How do you find the right person for the job?

The College of Business course HRM 406: Talent Acquisition and Management helps people become more effective in recruiting and selecting employees. Here are three top take-a-ways from the class....

Everything vs. Gen Z

Sociology Professor Pamela Aronson, who’s spoken to media outlets like BBC, Salon and Vox about the pandemic’s effect on the transition to adulthood, shares research and advice on how more established adults can help Generation Z create pathways to success...

Should the price of gas fuel presidential performance ratings?

Political Science Associate Professor Julio Borquez says many factors go into a president’s approval rating and breaks down the factors behind Biden's current polling numbers. He also shares what we, as voters, can do to foster a future where polarization ...

Putting research in the driver's seat

College of Business Assistant Professor Wayne Fu’s research has looked into car warranties for a decade. His discoveries provide manufacturers with important data for their decision-making processes — and Fu shares if he, as a consumer, would buy an extend...

Professor preserves Arab American stories by restoring forgotten history

Nearly a decade ago, CASL faculty member Hani Bawardi joined the preservation effort to restore the forgotten history of the oldest Arabic-speaking settlement in the U.S., located on Washington Street in New York City — and recently scored a $1.5 million g...

Rock. Water. Metamorphism.

Geology Professor Sven Morgan's scientific research — funded by more than $500,000 from a National Science Foundation grant — brings nature and nurture together by looking to prove a hypothesis on why land masses form while also expanding career interests ...

The Love Connection

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Marketing Professor Aaron Ahuvia explains what makes a brand a good match, why people feel love for things and the science that's behind it....

Help Wanted: Business professor advises how to navigate the latest economic challenges

Lecturer Patrick Keyes, who teaches UM-Dearborn’s Small Business Management course and is an entrepreneur, understands struggles associated with business ownership and has a few ideas on how to work through them....