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Legacy Spring 2019

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Tony England served as mission specialist crewman for Spacelab 2. Photo courtesy of NASA.
Tony England is a former NASA astronaut, where he served as mission scientist for Apollos 13 and 16, mission specialist crewman on the Spacelab 2 flight (pictured) and Space Station program scientist. Photo courtesy of NASA.
Faculty Research
Exploring a Future Beyond Earth with Tony England
Gloria House, courtesy of The Kresge Foundation
Metropolitan Impact
Artist in the House
Holistic mental health
Student Success
Building a More Holistic Culture Around Mental Health
A Global Collaboration
Fulbright grants recipients Daniel Davis, Bill DeGenaro, Anna Muller
Faculty Research
On the Move
Blank Canvas Project
Experiential Learning
Pairing Science and Identity
Cassandra Ulbrich, Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement
Victors for UM-Dearborn
Champion of Good Causes
Engineering Challenges
Eye on Research: Cultivating Change
Fatima Saad and Mariam Ayyash
Mariam Ayyash (right) co-founded the UM-Dearborn Pre-Med Alumni Mentoring Program. She is working to connect pre-med students like Fatima Saad with recent UM-Dearborn grads already enrolled in medical school.
Student Success
Mentors Make It Possible
UM-Dearborn Difference Makers
UM-Dearborn celebrates 10 years of Difference Makers during campus' 60th anniversary year; Difference Makers include Farah Harb, Gregory Hurst and Breana Cappuccilli.
Difference Makers
10 Years of Doing More
Chancellor Domenico Grasso inauguration
Chancellor Domenico Grasso outlines a bold vision for the university's next decade during his inauguration ceremony on April 12, 2019.
Reaching for New Heights
Inauguration activities began Thursday, April 11, with the unveiling of a granite and bronze Block M sidewalk inlay and a student BBQ.
Inauguration Week
Artistic Roots Re-Emerge
Kirk Philipich
Victors for UM-Dearborn
Why I Give: Kirk Philipich
MVC President Linda Torakis, '93 B.G.S.
Alumni Engagement
Family Finds Its Stride
Dr. Maya Hammoud
Alumni Engagement
Giving Back with Guidance
Ife Oyedele
Alumni Engagement
Is It There Yet?
Huda Fahmy
Alumni Engagement
Five Lessons Learned with Huda Fahmy

Happening Around Campus

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