2018 Greeting to the Faculty

September 6, 2018

Welcome to the start of a new and exciting academic year.

I do not need to tell you that being a faculty member at a major college or university is one of the most revered, one of the most rewarding — really, the best job in the world.

We study what excites us, educate and develop minds, create new knowledge and art, and transform lives. We, most certainly, leave this world a better place.

Truly, so much depends on us.

It is for these reasons we must always be committed to excellence in everything we do: teaching, research and service. Collectively and individually, we must strive to be intentional and consequential in all our actions and activities. This is not a zero-sum game where if one wins, one must lose. We must all be committed to each other’s success – students, faculty and staff alike. 

It is my job to help each and every one of you to succeed!

In the coming months, we will be developing plans for our next chapter. It will be a university-wide initiative where we will be asking for your best and most creative thinking.

We will build on the founding principles of this campus: excellence and innovation. To be sure, our plan forward will be bold. It will be inspirational, aspirational, attainable and sustainable.

We are, after all, part of the University of Michigan — a special branch of the family tree called the Dearborn Wolverines. We should expect no less.

There will be more on this soon.

Today, we are here to welcome the newest members to our family of Victors Valiant, the Leaders and Best. Go Blue!

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