Chancellor's Book Club Addendum (September 13, 2023)

Dear Colleagues and Students, 

I hope that many of you have had a chance to read the next Chancellor's Book Club selection, A Man’s Place (La Place in French) by Annie Ernaux.  This is  an important book for our campus!

Recently, on a longish trip I listened to a Hidden Brain podcast entitled Between Two Worlds, which explores the ethical costs of upward mobility.

University of Pennsylvania philosopher Jennifer Morton argues that although determination, hard work and sacrifice are core ingredients in the story of the American dream, there is another, more painful requirement to getting ahead: a willingness to leave family and friends behind. 

This podcast mirrors and complements the book club selection.  I hope that you might have time to listen to this also in preparation for our discussion on Monday September 25.

Even if you have not had a chance to read or listen, you are welcome to join us for stimulating conversation and refreshments.

Hope to see you soon.

Best wishes,
Domenico Grasso

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