Election Aftermath (November 9, 2020)

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students, 

This year’s presidential election will go down as one of the most bitter and heavily contested in history. Nonetheless, it is now over, Americans have spoken and we have a decision. 

Congratulations to president-elect Joseph Biden and vice president-elect Kamala Harris, who made history as the first woman and person of color elected to the vice presidency. There are strong emotions being experienced by many members of our campus community. President-elect Biden has acknowledged that our country is divided and has pledged to reunite us. I join with him and encourage everyone to remain committed to the values that underpin our inclusive, caring and open-minded campus. 

In the immediate, let no one engage in schadenfreude and let us all join and support president-elect Biden and all leaders, both locally and nationally, as they call for unity in the aftermath of this historic election. We are truly leaders and best when we engage with each other respectfully across political or ideological differences while maintaining strong support for those who feel marginalized, fearful or threatened. 

I wish you all good health and continued success as we enter the final two weeks of our limited in-person classes and prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday. As a reminder, the campus will move fully remote after the holiday. 

Domenico Grasso

Office of the Chancellor

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