Future of Work - November Report ( January 23, 2023)

Dear Colleagues,

As a result of the new realities and opportunities given to shape the future of work, Provost Gabriella Scarlatta in partnership with Human Resources, and the Faculty and Staff Senates established a Future of Work (FoW) Task Force to develop principles and recommendations that would support workplace models for employees on the Dearborn campus.

The FoW Task Force met bi-weekly throughout the 2022 Summer and Fall semesters and conducted staff and faculty surveys, staff focus groups, and explored research and best practices with experts from our campus and regional and national universities across the country. The Task Force has taken a forward-thinking approach in anticipating flexible work practices and supporting our employees, as well as prioritizing student success and our core mission.

Their short, mid, and long-term recommendations for the future of work at the University of Michigan-Dearborn culminated in a Future of Work November Report shared with campus leadership in December 2022. The 24-page report, among other things, contains: 

  • Seven key recommendations for the future of work on campus, outlined on page 3 with accompanying detailed narrative.
  • Next steps and a proposal for a standing FoW committee, starting on page 22.
  • Results of the surveys and focus groups are linked at the end of page 24.

The November Report and related materials can also be found on our website.

Our sincere thanks to the members of the FoW Task Force for all of their work.

Incorporating and implementing the lessons learned from the Future of Work Report and the continuing work of the standing committee, is essential to the advancement of academic excellence, attracting and retaining students, faculty, and staff along with fostering a caring, inclusive, and respectful work environment. The lessons we have learned thus far have allowed us to employ flexibility and innovation to better serve our students and our community. 

Domenico Grasso 

Gabriella Scarlatta
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic A

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