GO BLUEprint for Success - KPI Report (January 30, 2024)

Dear Colleagues,

I am happy to share with you the first measurement of our Go BLUEprint for Success Key Performance Indicators (KPI) annual report. I encourage you to review our progress as well as areas where we need to focus our attention. 

We developed our KPIs last year and shared the benchmark report with you last January. Our benchmarks for current metrics reflect Fall 2022 baseline data and aspirational 2032 goals. Indicators were selected based on campus input and initiatives that all support our number one priority – student success. 

There is much to be proud of in this report, including increases in: 

  • Four-year graduation rate
  • Number of courses designated as practice-based learning 
  • Number of national academic All-American student athletes
  • Staff satisfaction about growth and development 
  • Recruiting top candidates and retaining current employees
  • Local, regional, and national media exposure 
  • Reserve balances
  • Gifts greater than $50,000

There is also work to be done in key areas such as:

  • Undergraduate enrollment
  • Six-year graduation rates
  • Graduation gaps among first gen and Pell students
  • Student engagement with more high-impact teaching practices

In areas where we are not on pace to realize our goals, I have asked each KPI leader to assess the cause of our shortcomings and develop a revised plan forward. 

As shared last year, internal and external circumstances may necessitate edits and changes to our indicators. It is important for the campus community to remain nimble and flexible in adapting to the vicissitudes of our environment. The following modifications were made to this year’s report:

  • Faculty citations moved from an annual to a five-year rolling average
  • Updated section leads based on leadership and role changes
  • Increased goals for mentions in national and local media
  • Removed external funding to support DEI

We also merged the narrative of the original strategic plan into this first measurement of our KPIs report so there is now only one document serving as our campus compass as we make strategic decisions regarding the future of our great university. The Go BLUEprint for Success website has also been updated to reflect our progress with the strategic plan process. 

Thank you for your hard work over the past 12 months to realize our aspirational goals. UM-Dearborn is a special place, and this report is a testament to the dedication of our faculty and staff to our commitment to our outstanding student body. 

Go Blue - Go Dearborn!

Domenico Grasso

Office of the Chancellor

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