News about the Center for Labor and Community Studies (July 29, 2020)

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to share important and difficult news.  UM-Dearborn has decided to suspend operations of the Center for Labor and Community Studies (CLCS) effective July 31, 2020.  The financial strain caused by the pandemic and the inability of the Center to host events and gatherings with large numbers of people, in conjunction with industry and organized labor’s decisions to forgo funding support for attendees at CLCS workshops, has forced us to make the tough, but crucial, decision.  We are evaluating the best ways that the university can face the current economic realities while supporting initiatives that directly benefit our top priority— our students and their academic and life success.

CLCS was created to provide educational offerings in the fields of unionism, labor relations and education.  The Center had provided these services and generated its operating budget through workshops and in-person training sessions, activities that now are not feasible.  During the suspension of operations, university leadership will work in collaboration with the CLCS staff, to identify regional labor organizations and major employers of those represented by unions, to financially support the mission of the Center and return it to full operation.

No full-time employees are affected by this decision.  The university will work with other staff to identify appropriate options.

Although we are suspending operations at this time, we remain hopeful that a new financial model and resources can be developed that will make the CLCS successful, sustainable and concordant with the university’s primary mission.

Domenico Grasso

Office of the Chancellor

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