Statement regarding the latest tragedies (November 8, 2018)

Dear Colleagues and Students, 

Earlier this month, just days after the shootings in Pennsylvania and Kentucky, two people lost their lives at a yoga studio in Tallahassee, Florida and last night, in a California bar during “College Night,” eleven people lost their lives enjoying an evening with friends. A twelfth person, a heroic first responder, lost his life trying to help others. These are just a few of the stories that continue to fill our news cycle almost daily. The UM-Dearborn community joins those grieving the lives cut short or tragically altered by these horrific acts of violence. 

During these troubling and very sad times it is important to reflect on the attributes that make our campus community so special. We need to remain strong and vigilant in our focus on inclusion, caring for one another and lifting our community up during difficult times. This is what families do.

Students who need assistance during this difficult time can receive it through UM-Dearborn’s Counseling Services, 313-593-5430. Faculty and staff may seek support through the Faculty and Staff Counseling and Consultation Office, 734-936-8660.

I write to you today as the frequency of these tragic events has become disturbingly prevalent. We must not accept this as the normal way of civil life. These times of deep sorrow and sadness remind us that we must forever remain steadfast in our commitment to the values that define our community. 

With sadness, 

Domenico Grasso

Office of the Chancellor

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