Strategic Planning Vision Document (December 19, 2018)

Dear Colleagues,

I am very excited to announce the beginning of the campus strategic planning process!

As the first step to our planning effort, a white paper, Confronting the Challenges of a New Era - A Call to Action, has been crafted to serve as a visioning statement to launch our thinking and work.

Keeping UM-Dearborn’s exciting future in mind, I have worked closely with our senior officers, deans and other campus leaders to develop a motivational and foundational document.

The paper outlines the need and importance for creating a campus-wide strategic plan and articulates core values, performance principles and strategic opportunities that our community should consider during the planning process. Most importantly, the document articulates the broad mindset and approach that is necessary for our plan to be inspirational, transformational, sustainable and consequential.

This paper is the first step in charting our course into the future; please read and reflect on the paper carefully.

I look forward to hearing your best thinking and feedback. A website has been created for you to share thoughts and suggestions. In January I will hold another UM-Dearborn Conversations forum, where I will share additional information about the planning process, including a timeline, take comments and answer questions. Your involvement in this process is welcomed, encouraged and essential to our success on this important and exciting initiative.

I wish you a peaceful and relaxing break and Go Blue!

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