Survey to advance carbon neutrality shared (October 8, 2021)

Dear Colleagues,

As part of the University of Michigan’s efforts to achieve carbon neutrality on all its campuses, a short survey will be sent out to a sample of our students, faculty, and staff later this fall. This survey will be seeking opinions about sustainability at the UM-Dearborn campus. This short survey will be part of our efforts to deepen teaching, research, and Dearborn campus operations related to sustainability and carbon neutrality.

The Institute for Social Research (ISR), together with the Graham Sustainability Institute from U-M’s Ann Arbor campus, will be contacting selected students, faculty, and staff, to learn about their attitudes and activities and ask how and where we can improve.

If you are selected to participate in this important work, I hope you will take time to complete the survey. Your confidential responses will be compiled and summarized in a report later this academic year.

If you have questions, please contact Carol Glick, Executive Director for Facilities, UM-Dearborn ([email protected]).

Go Blue! Go Dearborn!

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