Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs Update (October 7, 2020)

Dear Colleagues,

Last June, I announced that Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs Jeff Evans had decided to step down from his position. This role provides leadership and strategic oversight of financial services, budget, facilities and operations, auxiliary operations, procurement and contracts and human resources. The position also supports the areas of police and public safety and emergency management. 

This week, we will launch an official search to hire a new vice chancellor for business affairs (VCBA), with a working title of chief financial officer. The search advisory committee will be chaired by university Chief Information Officer Carrie Shumaker. The committee will help identify and recruit the very best applicants. I am pleased to announce that Carrie will be assisted on the search advisory committee by:

  • Raju Balakrishnan, Dean, College of Business
  • Keisha Blevins, Chief of Staff to the Chancellor 
  • Becky Chadwick, Executive Director, Institutional Effectiveness, Office of the Provost 
  • Lisa Copeland, Consultant, Human Resources
  • Mitchell Dobson-Green, Student Government President 
  • Rita Gordon, Administrative Director, College of Arts, Sciences, & Letters
  • Eric Kirk, Director of Facilities and Laboratory Safety, College of Engineering and Computer Science
  • Jim Knittel, Deputy Chief of Police, Department of Police & Public Safety
  • Dawn Roult, Assistant Controller, Financial Services 
  • Isha Smith, Budget Analyst, Early Childhood Education Center, College of Education, Health, & Human Services
  • Armen Zakarian, Chair, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, College of Engineering and Computer Science

The next VCBA will be creative, strategic and hold a long-term vision while navigating short-term obstacles. This position is vital to our university's future, not only as we navigate the temporary effects from the pandemic, but as we lay a foundation that will carry our university mission forward for the next 60 years. I am confident the committee will identify and recruit an excellent candidate pool for the position. 

Over the past few months, I have held very productive meetings with the various business affairs directors and have been impressed with their expertise, dedication and hard work. Their input has helped me identify the attributes needed for the next vice chancellor to continue their excellent work. I want to thank them for making this transition as seamless as possible. 

We will provide regular updates to the campus community throughout the process. I look forward to adding another individual to an already outstanding senior leadership team.

Domenico Grasso

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