Three great lecture recording options for remote education rookies

Recording lectures can be a daunting challenge for faculty who are new to online learning. Here are three solid approaches, vetted by our UM-Dearborn experts....
A graphic of a group of people watching a woman on a computer screen.

A SURE thing: Guided education for the future

Mentored by faculty, 25 students completed Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) projects in 2021....

How the switch to remote learning impacts English Language Learners

Lecturer Geri Pappas talks about the challenges digital education poses for students who are English learners and how faculty can give them the support they need....
A woman writing in a notebook on top of a laptop.

Does Canvas allow faculty to track students online?

Learning management systems like Canvas do allow faculty to see some student activity. But a UM-Dearborn Canvas support specialist says it’s far from being a surveillance system....
 A collage graphic representing the surveillance issues in remote learning, featuring elements like a computer, webcam, smart phone and an all-seeing eye.