‘We are all going to miss him’

College of Business Lecturer of Marketing Chris Samfilippo, a charismatic educator in UM-Dearborn's Management Studies Department, died Sept. 16. He was 67....

“What I’ve learned here will last a lifetime”

Soccer captain Chad Schmerheim juggled classes, work and the responsibilities that come with being as a student-athlete. The College of Business graduate says he's gained a full-time job offer, soccer teammates who have become life-long friends and a busin...

How do you find the right person for the job?

The College of Business course HRM 406: Talent Acquisition and Management helps people become more effective in recruiting and selecting employees. Here are three top take-a-ways from the class....

The changing nature of corporate social responsibility

With record inflation, a lingering pandemic, supply chain concerns and sanctions on Russia, can business leaders still focus on corporate social responsibility when so much is threatening their bottom lines? Assistant Professor Justin Ames weighs in....

Putting research in the driver's seat

College of Business Assistant Professor Wayne Fu’s research has looked into car warranties for a decade. His discoveries provide manufacturers with important data for their decision-making processes — and Fu shares if he, as a consumer, would buy an extend...

Class of Fall 2021: College of Business graduate Bayan Yehya

From simplifying business processes at a Fortune 500 company to connecting nonprofit organizations so they can share research and resources, this Supply Chain Management major enjoys discovering ways to improve the world around her....

Help Wanted: Business professor advises how to navigate the latest economic challenges

Lecturer Patrick Keyes, who teaches UM-Dearborn’s Small Business Management course and is an entrepreneur, understands struggles associated with business ownership and has a few ideas on how to work through them....

Is there a way for businesses to avoid a cash crunch?

College of Business professors Wayne Fu and Hung-Chung Su want to improve the supply chain process so that it can better weather catastrophic circumstances. The faculty mentored COB senior Siddharth Patel in researching one potential financial solution fo...

Taking care of business

To strengthen community partnerships and help students gain experience, College of Business initiatives continue to support local businesses throughout COVID changes and help entrepreneurs succeed....

How to onboard — and keep — new hires when the office is remote

Human Resource Management expert Junghyun (Jessie) Lee shares best practices on how to get new employees out of home office isolation by building bridges of connection to their team....