Caleb Siefert, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology
Caleb Siefert
College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters
Behavioral Sciences
Monday & Wednesday 11:00 am - 12 pm (or by appointment)

Teaching Areas:

Master of Science in Psychology, Psychology

Research Areas:

Personality / Personality Development, Psychology, Psychometrics and Measurement

Biography and Education

Dr. Caleb Siefert earned his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the Derner Institute at Adelphi University and completed post-doctoral degrees at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Harvard Medical School (HMS). He went on to work as a clinical psychologist at MGH and HMS for five years. His research focused on psychological assessment, personality and personality disorders, and neuroscience. In 2009, Dr. Siefert accepted a position at the University of Michigan – Dearborn, where he is currently an associate professor. He is the director of the Interpersonal Relationships, Emotion, & Personality (IREP) research lab and he teaches intro to psychology, personality theory, abnormal psychology, and ethics.  More information can found at his website:


Ph.D. – Clinical Psychology                           May, 2005

Adelphi University, Garden City, NY.

Academic Adviser: George Stricker, Ph.D.

Dissertation Chair: Joel Weinberger, Ph.D.

M.A. – Clinical Psychology                            May, 2003

Adelphi University, Garden City, NY

Thesis Adviser: Robert Mendehlsohn, Ph.D.

B.A. – Psychology                                          Dec. 1999

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Research Adviser: Michael Lambert, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

Siefert, C. J. & Hilsenroth, M. J. (In Press).  Client attachment status and changes in therapeutic alliance early in treatment.  Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy.

Stein, M.B., Slavin-Mulford, J., Siefert, C.J., Sinclair, J., Renna, M., & Blais, M.A.  (2014).  SCORS-G stimulus characteristics of select thematic apperception test cards.  Journal of Personality Assessment. 96, 339-349

Siefert, C.J., Stein, M. Sinclair, S.J., Antonius, D., Shiva, A., & Blais, M.A. (2012).  Development and initial validation of a scale for detecting inconsistent responding on the Personality Assessment Inventory – Short Form.  Journal of Personality Assessment, 94, 601-606. 

Siefert, C. J. (2011).  A goal-oriented limited-duration approach for working with borderline personality disorder during brief inpatient hospitalizations.  Psychotherapy, 49, 502-518.

Siefert, C. J., Kothuri, R., Jacobs, D. B., Levine, B., Plummer, J., & Marci, C. D.  (2009).  Winning the Super “Buzz” Bowl: How biometrically-based emotional engagement correlates with online views and comments for Super Bowl Ads.  Journal of Advertising Research, 49, 293-303.

Siefert, C. J., Sinclair, S.J., Kehl-Fie, K., & Blais, M. A.  (2009).  An item level psychometric analysis of the Personality Assessment Inventory clinical scales in a psychiatric inpatient setting.  Assessment, 16, 373-383.

Awards and Recognition

01/2014  Great Mind Award winner for “Research Paper of the Year” from the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) and Journal of Advertising Research.

03/2012  Recognition of Research merit: Awarded by the Society for Personality Assessment (SPA) at the Annual Meeting 03/2012

04/2009  Great Mind Award for Innovation in Research by the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF)

03/2014  Nominated for Student Leadership Award for work with Association of Students in Psychology student organization at the University of Michigan-Dearborn