Kathleen Darcy, J.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies, Pre-Law Faculty Advisor
Kathleen Darcy
College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters
College-Wide Programs
4050 College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters Building | 4901 Evergreen Road | Dearborn, MI 48128

Teaching Areas:

Criminology & Criminal Justice Studies

Biography and Education

Dr. Kathleen Darcy is an assistant professor in Criminology and Criminal Justice. She holds a PhD from Michigan State University in Criminal Justice, a Master's degree from University of Chicago with an focus on law, criminal justice, history, and human rights, and a BA in English from UM-Ann Arbor. Dr. Darcy also holds a law degree from Michigan State University College of Law and is licensed to practice law in Michigan. Her research is interdisciplinary and primarily focuses on examining gender inequity, especially how the law impacts those affected by gender-based violence, especially when abuse occurs in institutional settings (e.g., prison, higher education, the military). She is also a CASL pre-law faculty advisor.

Research Areas: Gender-based violence, the law, civil rights, and institutions, trust, systems

Selected Publications

Darcy, Kathleen, Fedock, Gina, & Kubiak Sheryl (2021). “Terrified of a system I didn’t understand”: Women’s experiences reporting sexual abuse on parole, Feminist Criminology, 1-22.

Darcy, Kathleen (2019). Bringing the outside in: Organizational collaboration in sexual misconduct investigations under the Prison Rape  Elimination Act. Women's Rights Law Reporter, 41, 144.

Brenner, Hannah., Darcy, Kathleen, & Kubiak Sheryl, (2017). Occupational hazards and conditions of confinement: Rape in the military and prisons. Pepperdine Law Review, 44, 881.

Darcy, Kathleen. (2015). Medicalizing gender: How the legal and medical professions shaped women’s experiences as lawyers. Tennessee Journal of Race, Gender & Social Justice, 4, 31.