Mathumai Kanapathipillai, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Mathumai Kanapathipillai
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Department of Mechanical Engineering
3065 Engineering Lab Building | 4901 Evergreen Road | Dearborn, MI 48128

Teaching Areas:

Bioengineering, Mechanical Engineering

Research Areas:


Biography and Education

Areas of Research Interests

  • Programmable nanotheranostics
  • Polymer chemistry
  • Biomineralization
  • Tissue engineering
  • Protein engineering


Ph.D., Chemical and Biological Engineering, Iowa State University, 2008

MSc., Chemical and Materials Engineering, Arizona State University

BSc., Chemical Engineering, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Selected Publications

  1. Kanapathipillai, M., Brock, A., Ingber, D.E. (2014) Nanoparticle targeting to anti-cancer drugs that alter intracellular signaling or influence the tumor microenvironment. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews. 79-80C: 107-118.
  2. Mammoto, A., Mammoto, T., Kanapathipillai, M., Yung, C.W., Jiang, E., Jiang, A., Lofgren, K., Gee,E., Ingber, D.E. (2013) Control of lung vascular permeability and endotoxin-induced pulmonary edema by changes in extracellular matrix mechanics. Nature Communications 4:1759.
  3. Korin, N., Kanapathipillai, M., Mathews, B., Crescente, M.,, Brill, A., Mammoto, T., Ghosh, K., Jurek, S.,Bencherif, S., Bhatta, D., Coskun, A., Feldman, C., Wagner, D., Ingber, D.E. (2012) Nanomaterials for drug targeting to obstructed blood vessels. Science 337(6095) 738-42.
  4. Kanapathipillai, M.*, Mammoto, A.*, Mammoto, T., Kang, J., Jiang, E., Ghosh, K., Korin, N., Gibbs, A., Mannix, R., Ingber, D.E. (2012) Inhibition of mammary tumor growth using lysyl-oxidase targeting nanoparticles to tumor extracellular matrix Nanoletters 12(6): 3213-7.
  5. Ghosh, K.*, Kanapathipillai, M.*, Korin, N., McCarthy, JR., Ingber., D.E. (2012) Polymeric Nanomaterials for Islet Targeting and Immunotherapeutic Delivery. Nano letters 12(1): 203-8 (* co first author).
  6. Kang, J., Krause, S., Tobin, H., Mammoto, A., Kanapathipillai, M., Ingber, D.E. (2012) A combined micromagnetic-microfluidic device for rapid capture and culture of rare circulating tumor cells. Lab on a Chip 12(12) : 2175-81
  7. Kanapathipillai, M., Rawal, A., Yusufoglu, Y., Hu, Y., C.T. Lo., P.Thiyagarajan, Y.E. Kalay, M. Akinc, S. Mallapragada, K. Schmidt-Rohr. Ionic block copolymer templated calcium phosphate nanocomposites: Synthesis and nanocomposite characterization (2008). Chemistry of Materials 20(18) 5922-5932.
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