Mohammad Harati, Ph.D.

LEO Lecturer II
Mohammad Harati
College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters
Natural Sciences
By appointment

Teaching Areas:

Chemistry (ACS certified)

Biography and Education

Dr. Harati finished his undergraduate studies, major in inorganic chemistry, from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in Mashhad, Iran. In 2001, he graduated from Sharif University of Technology located in Tehran, Iran, with a masters degree in chemistry. Then he moved to Canada to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Analytical/Organic chemistry at the University of Windsor. After graduation, he joined the University of Western Ontario as a postdoctoral fellow to work on solar cells developing new technology. In 2011, he won one of the highest prestigious awards from the Federal government of Canada in recognition of his research and academic achievements. Dr. Harati is an experienced expert and leader in the pharmaceutical industry. He has published over 20 journal papers, presented at more than 50 conferences, and filed one patent.


Ph.D. Chemistry (2005 to 2008) The University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Postdoctoral Fellow (2008 to 2010) Western University, London, Ontario, Canada.
Topic: Electrochemical deposition to develop solar cells 

Postdoctoral Fellow (NSERC PDF) (2010 to 2013) McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Topic: Generating renewable hydrogen using nanowires as catalyst

Awards and Recognition



Doctoral Tuition Award

Conference Travel Award

Gordon Conference Award