Nancy Wrobel, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology
Nancy Wrobel
College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters
Behavioral Sciences
4062 College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters Building | 4901 Evergreen Road | Dearborn, MI 48128

Teaching Areas:

Arab American Studies, Master of Science in Psychology, Psychology

Research Areas:

Arab American Studies, Mental Health, Psychometrics and Measurement, Research Methods

Biography and Education

Nancy Howells Wrobel, PhD, is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Michigan, Dearborn and a licensed clinical psychologist. She teaches classes in clinical psychology to both undergraduate and graduate students in Clinical Health Psychology. She completed her doctoral work at Wayne State University. Her research interests focus on assessment, particularly assessment and diagnostic decisions across cultural groups. Her published research includes validation of Arabic versions of mental health and dementia screening instruments as well as acculturative stress measures. She has also written about mental health risks and trauma as well as treatment and health related decisions in Arab Americans.

Selected Publications

Sankari, S., Wrobel, N.H., Leonard, M. T., Sankari, A. & Javanbakht, A. (2023). Sleep Disorders and PTSD in Syrian Refugees. Avicenna Journal of Medicine.

Wrobel, N. H. (2023). Mental Health and Developmental Risks in Arab Americans Across Political and Cultural Landscapes . In S. Nassar-McMillan, 2nd ed. A Biopsychosocial Approach to Arab Americans: Perspectives on Culture, Development, and Health. New York: Springer.

Kira, I., & Wrobel, N. H (2023). Arab Refugees: Trauma, Resilience, and Recovery: An Update. In S. Nassar-McMillan.

Mills, M., Whitehead, B. & Wrobel, N.H. (2020). Race and Personal Exposure to AD Influence Projected Memory Failure Attributions and Help-Seeking Behaviors, Clinical Gerontologist.

Awards and Recognition

2021 AMENA-Psy Distinguished Contribution to Psychological Scholarship Award from The American Arab, Middle Eastern, and North African Psychological Association (AMENA-Psy)