Rafael Ruiz, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Rafael Ruiz Picture
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Teaching Areas:

Mechanical Engineering

Biography and Education


Civil Engineering, University of Notre Dame - ND (January 2016) and Pontificia
Universidad Católica de Chile - PUC

Double Doctorate Program.

Dissertation title: A New Type of Tuned Liquid Damper and its Effectiveness in
Enhancing Seismic Performance: Numerical Characterization, Experimental
Validation, Parametric Analysis and Life-cycle Cost Based Design.

Teaching and Research


• Reliability-Based Selection of Manufacturing Tolerance.
• Design/modeling/optimization of mechanical devices for vibration control.
• Surrogate modeling for efficient analysis/design/optimization of complex engineering
• Stochastic optimization, uncertainty quantification, advanced stochastic simulation.
• Bayesian approaches for model validation and system identification.
• Multi-functional metamaterial design and modeling.
• Design and optimization of piezoelectric energy harvesters.