Richard Kent, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Accounting
Richard Kent
College of Business
Department of Accounting and Finance
100 Fairlane Center South | 19000 Hubbard Drive | Dearborn, MI 48126

Selected Publications

Kent, P., Kent, R. and Killey, M. (2023). Analysts’ Perceptions of Cash Flow Disclosure: Earnings Reliability and Implications for Evaluating Firm Performance, Journal of Accounting Literature, forthcoming.

Kent, P., Kent, R. McCormack, R. and Tarr, J. (2023). Disclosure of liquidity and cash flow statements by Australian superannuation funds before Covid-19, Accounting and Finance, forthcoming.

Kent, P., Kent, R. Goodwin, J. and Routledge, J. (2022). Partner Cross-Contagion in Audit Offices and Client Reporting Quality, Managerial Auditing Journal, 38(1), 37-57.

Ahmed, A., Dhull, S. and Kent, R. (2022). Non-audit services and Auditor Independence in Stable and Unstable Economic Conditions, Managerial Auditing Journal, 37(8), 967-992.

Kent, R., and Birt, J. (2021). IAS 7 and Value Relevance: The Direct Method Versus the Indirect Method, Review of Accounting Studies,

Kent, R. A., and Bu, D. (2020). The Importance of Cash Flow Disclosure and Cost of Capital, Accounting and Finance, 60(1), 877-908.

Kent, R., and Routledge, J. (2017). Use of Benchmarks in Predicting Earnings Management? Accounting and Finance, 57(1), 239-260.

Kent, P., Kent, R., Routledge, J. and Stewart, J. (2016). Choice of Governance Structure and Earnings Quality, Accounting Research Journal, 29(4), 372-390.