Susana Peciña, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology
Susana Peciña
College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters
Behavioral Sciences
By appointment with Zoom

Teaching Areas:

Master of Science in Psychology, Psychology

Research Areas:

Biopsychology, Neuroscience

Selected Publications

Peciña S. and Smith K.S., (2010) Hedonic and motivational roles of opioids in food
reward: implications for overeating disorders. Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior, 97(1):34-46.

Peciña S., (2008). Opioid reward ‘liking’ and ‘wanting’ in the nucleus accumbens.
Physiology and Behavior, 94(5):675-80.

Peciña S., Smith K.S. and Berridge K.C. (2006). Hedonic hotspots in the brain.
Neuroscientist, 12(6):500-11. Review.

Tindell A.J., Smith K.S., Peciña S., Berridge K.C., Aldridge W.A., (2006). Ventral
pallidum codes hedonic reward: when bad tastes good. Journal of Neurophysiology 96 (2399-2409).

Peciña S., Shulkin J., and Berridge K.C. (2006) Nucleus accumbens CRF increases cue-
triggered motivation for sucrose reward: paradoxical positive incentive effects in stress? BMC Biology, 4(1):8