Refund Policy

Students are encouraged to sign up for Direct Deposit Refunds with Heartland ECSI by registering their personal checking or savings account under the Refunds tab in the Student Accounts Self Service website. After a Direct Deposit Refund has been processed and posted onto the student account, students will receive their funds within five business days.

Checks will be issued to those who do not sign up for Direct Deposit Refunds and mailed by Heartland ECSI to the address on file with the Office of the Registrar. Please be aware that check refunds take additional time for processing. Refund checks can take up to 10 business days for you to receive in the mail from the time your check is processed by Heartland ECSI.

Please be aware that if you are requesting for your refund to be reissued due to not receiving the check in the mail at the address the university has on file, there may be a fee of $10.00 assessed to your student account for voiding the prior refund check and reissuing through Heartland ECSI. Students need to send an email request to to have their refund reissued. 

If a refund is issued for a term with a credit card payment or a Parent Plus Loan payment, the refund must be issued back to the credit card or a mailed check issued to the student’s parents respectively by Heartland ECSI.  Parents who apply for a Parent Plus Loan may elect refunds to go to the student.  Direct Deposit Refunds are not available for parent plus loan refunds issued to a parent.

Refunds are processed as a grouped batch and focus on including as many qualifying students as possible during each run. Student Accounts cannot estimate specific dates refunds will be issued. Refund checks cannot be obtained at Student Accounts office. Refund checks are processed and issued by Heartland ECSI. We encourage students to monitor their Refund tab under their MyAccount page for real time refund status information. Also, students that have signed up for Direct Deposit Refunds will receive an email notification to their umich email address when their refund has been processed by Student Accounts.

If students have questions about their refund delivery method, please contact Heartland ECSI's Customer Service Team by calling    1-844-700-0134. 

Accounts eligible for refunds are gathered automatically and reviewed for accuracy before processing. If you believe your student account has a longstanding overall credit (negative balance) that has not been issued a refund in error, please complete and submit the Request a Refund form.

Policy owned by: Student Accounts

Last review: 1/2021

Next review: TBD After Covid-19