Academic Integrity

The Academic Code of Conduct policy can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Statement on Academic Integrity

The University of Michigan-Dearborn values academic honesty and integrity. Each student has a responsibility to understand, accept, and comply with the University's standards of academic conduct as set forth by the Academic Code of Conduct, as well as policies established by the schools and colleges. Cheating, collusion, misconduct, fabrication, and plagiarism are considered serious offenses. Violations will not be tolerated and may result in penalties up to and including expulsion from the University.  

Faculty Senate, August 2000

Canvas Academic Integrity Module

There is an importable module in Canvas Commons which faculty can use to teach UM-Dearborn students about our campus Academic Integrity standards so that they are informed about how to avoid academic misconduct and plagiarism. If you would like to use the module in your course(s),  please search for "UM-Dearborn Academic Integrity" in Canvas Commons  and follow these steps to import it to your course.  If you have any questions, please contact Belen Garcia ([email protected]).

Reporting Violations

Faculty should complete one of the following to report an Academic Code of Conduct violation:

  • Informal Reporting Form
    • Informal reporting can be utilized when a faculty wishes to resolve misconduct at a classroom level, if the student has accepted responsibility, and if agreement is reached on restorative measures. 
  • Formal Reporting Form
    • Formal reporting means the student will have a record in the University’s academic misconduct database. 

View the Academic Integrity process

Remember to submit any supporting documentation you may have as it pertains to the case or incident. Students have the right to appeal any violation. Associate Deans may or may not contact you to submit any further documentation, so it is best practice to upload any documents with the initial report.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Ryan Neloms, Assistant Director of Student Conduct ([email protected]) with questions.