Training and Development

Service Provided

Help departments, units, staff members identify skills needed for satisfactory performance in current or future jobs; help identify and diagnose training and/or development needs; help to locate and/or develop appropriate resources and delivery formats to effectively address those needs; help design follow-up, evaluative, and transfer-of-learning methodologies to ensure that desired outcomes are being achieved.

Contact Person

Human Resources Director

General Information

A broad array of communication links will be maintained with the campus community: e- mail notices and announcements; memoranda; focus groups; participation in relevant committee, task force, and forum settings; surveys; interviews; and other formal and informal meetings.

Registration/participation procedures for programs and other resources will vary and will be announced as needed. Supervisors are strongly encouraged to participate actively in the process of helping staff identify and address training and development needs; employees are strongly encouraged to engage in a variety of training and development opportunities. Staff development and training needs should be included in bi-annual performance planning and review discussions and resulting documentation.

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Last reviewed: 10/2019

Last updated: 11/2015

Next review: 4/2021