Interfolio is a free online platform for faculty, comprised of three modules to do the following:

  • Faculty Review (Faculty180)
    • Used by faculty to input and submit their annual report information. 
  • Faculty Search
    • Used to bring the faculty hiring process online and gain transparency into the talent, diversity, and accomplishments of the faculty population.
  • Review (Dossier), Promotion & Tenure
    • Dossier is used to collect scholarly materials, request and receive confidential letters of recommendation, and prepare for upcoming evaluations. Your dossier never expires and your documents will be stored indefinitely.
    • Promotion & Tenure is used to address the full scope of academic promotion and tenure - from submission to external evaluations to a final decision - with customizable tools that map directly onto the academic requirements of a tenure review. With the Promotion & Tenure module, faculty are able to more effectively review with tools that allow you to make notes, send messages, and receive external peer evaluations digitally.

Faculty Job Search

How to Access


Log into the Faculty Job Search Interfolio Login.

For additional information on signing into Faculty Search visit “Sign In to Interfolio.”

How to Use (Resources and Trainings)

Creating a Position:  Creating a Position

Managing a Position: Managing a Position

Managing Applications: Managing Applications

Evaluating Applications: Evaluating Applicants  

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