Chalking Policy

The chalking of sidewalks is allowed at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, given it meets the standards below.  Any individual or group in violation of the chalking policy will be held responsible for their actions.

  • Location:
    • Chalk cannot be used within 25 feet of any building entrance or exit.
    • Chalk may only be used on University sidewalks.
    • Chalk may not be used underneath any covering where chalk would not be washed away by precipitation.
  • Material:
    • The material used to mark a sidewalk must be water-soluble (sidewalk chalk)
    • The use of markers, paints, oil-based products, or sprayable chalk or other products in aerosol containers is prohibited.
  • Content:
    • The University has no responsibility for maintaining or removing chalk placed on sidewalks.
    • These drawings/language may not be destructive or libelous in any way.


Policy owned by: Office of Student Life

Last Reviewed: 1/2020

Last Updated: 1/2020

Next Review: 9/2021