Parking Manual

The cooperation of all persons who use the University of Michigan-Dearborn parking lots and roads is needed to maintain adequate control and supervision of these areas. The rules and regulations set forth below have evolved in an effort to provide the maximum benefit for all concerned. Everyone driving on campus is expected to comply with the spirit, as well as the letter, of these regulations. Registration of vehicles helps to keep unauthorized vehicles off campus and out of the parking areas. It also makes it possible for University departments to get in touch with individuals promptly about matters concerning their vehicles.

  1. Vehicles are required to be parked in designated spaces and display a valid decal. Students may obtain parking decals by stopping in the Parking Office located in the Campus Support Services Building. All faculty and staff members must register their vehicles with the Parking Office. Temporary employees are required to register their cars and purchase monthly parking permits. Parking in the parking structure does not exempt you from registering your vehicle.
  2. The decal must be permanently affixed to the lower left-hand corner of the vehicle’s front window. If you obtain a different vehicle, you may transfer the decal to the new vehicle. Faculty and staff must, however, notify the Parking Office of the make, color and license plate of the new vehicle. Replacement decals may be obtained at the Parking Office be presenting the old decal.
  3. All vehicles parked on campus must display a valid parking decal or temporary permit, or be subject to ticketing.
  4. Handicapped faculty, staff, or students must apply for and obtain a valid State of Michigan handicap license plate from a Secretary of State Office, which must be displayed to park in handicapped sports on-campus.
  5. Off-campus visitors should park in the designated visitor parking areas in lot F, E5, and the third floor of the Monteith Parking Structure, Visitors are expected to pay at the pay stations. Students, faculty and staff members are not considered visitors. Should special consideration be necessary, departments should notify UM-Dearborn Police Department (Public Safety) at 313-593-5333.
  6. Student and Faculty/Staff decals are issued by the Parking Office. Faculty and staff must pay for their decals at the Parking Office or sign up for monthly payroll deductions. Students may obtain a decal by showing their UMID and class schedule.
  7. If you drive a different vehicle and forgot to move the valid permit, please park on the 3rd floor of the MPS and pay at the pay station. Vehicles not displaying a valid parking decal will be ticketed.
  8. “UM-D Vehicles Only” spaces are restricted for use by University, governmental, vendor, or handicap permit vehicles. All vendors must get special permits from the Parking Office when signing in at the Facilities Operations. Departments are responsible for notifying their vendors of the requirement. Vehicles without decals or temporary permits will be ticketed.
  9. Students living at the Union are expected to register their vehicle with the Parking Office. On-campus parking is available for Union students Monday through Thursday after 6 p.m., Friday after 2 p.m., and weekends and holidays all day. Union students are allowed to park on-campus May through August during enforcement hours.
  1. All persons are subject to the regulations as indicated on the campus parking map and area streets signs.
  2. When driving on campus, vehicle operators must observe the basic rules of safe driving which are common to all state motor vehicle codes, i.e., driving only on the right side of the roadway, yielding to pedestrians, obeying posted signs, etc.
  3. Parking in a manner or place which poses a direct threat to safety is forbidden at all times. The following are expressly forbidden:
    • Operating a motor vehicle in excess of 15 mph.
    • Blocking a fire hydrant, fire lane, crosswalk, building exit, or driveway.
    • Parking in a posted No Parking/Tow Away area.
    • Parking on a sidewalk, unpaved area, or in roadways.
  4. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident on campus, you should notify the UM-Dearborn Department of Public Safety at 313-593-5333 to file a report as soon as possible.
  5. Students are issued general permits which allow parking in:
    • Lots C, D, F, and E-1 through E-4, a portion of E-3, E-5, E-6 and E-7, and all of E-8.
    • Parking Structure (Floors 1, 2, 4, 5)
  6. Faculty and Staff permits allow parking in:
    • All general permit areas.
    • Lots A, a portion of E-3, E-6, and E-7, and H.
    • Parking Structure (Floors 1, 2, 4, 5)
    • Ann Arbor blue permit lots (only when on UM-Dearborn business). UM-Dearborn permits do not allow parking in restricted areas. Ann Arbor lots and structures require faculty and staff to swipe their UMID card for entry. You must have a valid UM-Dearborn parking permit to gain access. If you need your card activated for Ann Arbor lots, please call the Parking Office at 313-593-5480.
  7. Unless you have a special permit, you cannot park in the following areas:
    • UM-D Vehicle Only spaces.
    • Handicap spaces.
    • Loading Zones.
    • Visitor Parking.
  8. The University cannot be held responsible for theft, vandalism or damage committed to vehicles parked or while driving on University grounds. Please keep our vehicle locked and keep valuable articles out of sight.
  9. Only one (1) permit per person will be issued.
  10. Electric Vehicle (EV) permits must be purchased along with a valid faculty/staff or student parking permit to access the campus EV stations. Both permits must be displayed.
  11. Certain areas are designated and posted for use as loading zones. If you must load or unload equipment on campus and need to park briefly in a driveway or non-parking area of a lot, you must notify Public Safety ahead of time to avoid a ticket.
  12. OVERNIGHT PARKING contact UM-Dearborn Department of Public Safety for forms and authorizations at 313-593-5333. Vehicles should be parked on the fourth floor of the Monteith Parking Structure.

Questions regarding parking decal refunds and replacements should be referred directly to the Parking Office in the Campus Support Services Building.
Decals must be returned to the Parking Office if a faculty/staff member has a change of employment. Payroll deduction cannot be stopped until the permit is returned.

  1. Fraudulent registration or abuse of regulations regarding vehicles on campus may result in revocation of parking privileges.
  2. Unregistered motor vehicles will be ticketed. An $80.00 or more City of Dearborn parking ticket will be issued for each violation. (To prevent ticketing of an unregistered second vehicle, see Registration of Vehicles.)
  3. The University may ticket and/or tow, at the owner’s expense, any vehicles which creates a hazard to campus safety, e.g. parking in fire lanes, blocking other cars, etc.
  4. Illegal use or abuse of handicap parking will result in a $175.00 City of Dearborn ticket.
  5. Vehicles parking contrary to pavement markings will be ticketed.
  6. Students, faculty and staff cannot park in visitor parking.
  7. If you feel that a ticket you received was not justified, you may elect to contact the 19th District Court of Dearborn for clarification.

Motorcycle parking is allowed in specially designated areas only. Please register your motorcycle with the Parking Office.

Vehicles should be registered during formal term registration or any time between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on weekdays at the Parking Office in the Campus Support Services Building. The office will be open from 7:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday during the first week of each new term.

Parking enforcement is in effect at all times.

For further Information:

Parking Office

Campus Support Services Building

Dearborn, MI 48128-1491

Telephone: 313-593-5480

Policy owned by: Parking Services