Posting Policy

Posting by Registered Student Organizations and Campus Departments is encouraged on specific bulletin boards across campus.  All postings must be stamped for approval by the Office of Student Life's Campus Involvement Hub, located at 1290 University Center.

The posting of any information or advertisement and distribution of posted materials is governed not only by the below policy, but by all other applicable University policies and procedures. Posted material includes, but is not limited to: flyers, signs, table tents, and/or posters.

  • Postings may be brought for approval in person or submitted via VictorsLink by an active student organization member or advisor, or a current employee within a department. Approval may take up to 24 hours to complete when dropped off, and 3-4 days via a print request.
  • All posted materials must clearly include the name of the sponsoring department or organization, as well as a valid UMich email address, and a telephone number if applicable.
    • Non-University affiliated entities may only post on the one (1) designated board in the University Center. If posted on any other board, flyers will be removed
  • The approved posted materials may be posted for a maximum of thirty (30) days. 
  • Posted material partially or fully covering other approved material will be removed.
  • Approved posted material may only be posted on designated bulletin boards for public posting, not on boards owned by particular offices, building walls/doors, or University signage.
  • Standard staples, thumb-tacks and pushpins are the only approved methods of affixing posted materials to bulletin board and/or tack strips.
  • The Office of Student Life retains the right to refuse the approval of material that does not keep with University policy or procedure.

Failure to adhere to the Posting Policy may result in disciplinary action under applicable University of Michigan-Dearborn policies and procedures and/or applicable civil statutes. Postings that violate this policy will be removed and the offending individual or group will receive a warning. If three warnings are given, individual or organization posting privileges may be revoked.


The Office of Student Life provides banner printing services to campus organizations and departments. Banners can be requested to be hung for a maximum of 2 weeks in the University Center and/or Fairlane Center South. Banners may also be requested to be printed for pickup if they are not intended to be posted in the two designated spaces. Visit the Banner Printing webpage for additional information.

Policy owned by: Office of Student Life

Last Reviewed: 3/2022

Last Updated: 3/2022

Next Review: 9/2022