Learning Management System Course Access Procedure

Occasionally, in addition to granting course access to teaching assistants, supplemental instructors, and guest speakers, there may be a legitimate need to add authorized instructors or staff in order to conduct peer evaluations, mentoring, or to ensure continuity of instruction under unanticipated circumstances. Such access is typically requested by the instructor of record, department chair, or other faculty, staff and administrators. 

The following does not stipulate any changes to the current classroom access rights for these roles, but rather outlines the process through which these requests are made:

  • Instructor of Record can request from the unit LMS administrator to add anyone, provided their role falls under the LMS access policy.
  • Department Chairs in principle have the right to access courses due to their operational responsibility for instruction within their department.  However, in a similar fashion to visits in a traditional classroom, professional courtesy is expected by negotiating the terms of access with the instructor of record, who will submit the request to add the chair to the course.
  • Other faculty, staff, or administrators intending to access a class or to add another person must channel the request through the Instructor of Record or Department Chair in order to ensure there is a legitimate reason for accessing the course.

The LMS administrators are responsible for ensuring that persons being added to a class have read and signed a FERPA Acknowledgement Form.


This policy received approval on December 6, 2017 from the UCDC Digital Education Subcommittee.