Learning Management System Course Availability Policy

Instructors will have access to their assigned courses up to 8 weeks before the start of the semester (depending on the finalization of the course schedule by the registrar). Instructors must be assigned to the course by the registrar (via department administration) and have a uniqname/umich email address entered into Banner to obtain access to courses.

Students will have access to all courses for which they have registered by 5pm on the first day of the semester. Instructors can choose to make individual courses available up to one week before the start of the semester so students can preview the course and plan. While course materials may be made available to students for one week ahead of the semester start, it is imperative that no academic assignments are required prior to the first day of the semester.

Students will have full access to a course until 11:59pm on the day final grade submissions are due in Banner, while faculty and teaching assistants will retain full access for an additional seven days to complete any final grading and make any final changes to the course.  After that, read-only access to courses will be available (all assignments, discussions, grades, etc will be accessible unless removed by the faculty member).  In the rare event that a specific content item (audio/video, page, or file) needs to be removed from a course after it has gone into read-only mode, the instructor may contact their unit’s LMS support personnel to request removal of the item. Unit LMS support has discretion over the completion timeline of these requests based on their current workload and available capacity.


This policy received approval on May 15, 2020 from the UCDC Digital Education Subcommittee.