Authorized Signers


In order to be considered in good standing with the Office of Student Life, all student organizations are required to have a minimum of two and a maximum of three authorized signers, all of whom must be currently enrolled students. The Treasurer (or the organization chief financial officer) is required to be one of the authorized signers. The other authorized signer(s) can be any executive board member. Each Authorized Signer must fill out the Authorized Signer Agreement Form, found in Victors Link, and receive necessary financial training from the Office of Student Life. As appropriate, individuals may serve as an authorized signer for up to 3 organizations. 

Co-hosting Events

For co-hosted events, both hosting organizations must sign off on appropriate SOAC and/or UUE/Picasso forms. If an individual is an authorized signer for multiple organizations hosting a joint event, the individual may sign for no more than one organization.


Advisors may not be authorized signers for organizations. Exceptions may be made by the Office of Student Life in cases when an organization does not have another executive board member available. If an organization’s Authorized Signer(s) are unable to sign due to conflict of interest, for example, advisors may be used as a back-up signer. 

Advisors will need to provide an additional sign off/verification on any single expenditure or sponsorship that is greater than $500, and is to be paid to an external vendor. This excludes campus departments and Picasso Restaurant Group.

Reimbursement Limits

To be reimbursed, the Travel and Business Hosting Form must be completed and returned to the Office of Student Life or it’s delegate. Reimbursement forms can be found in the Office of Student Life and must be signed by an authorized signer and/or advisor. 

  • Forms must be filled out before an authorized signer signs the form or validates an expense with the Office of Student Life.
  • An authorized signer may not sign off on a reimbursement to themselves.
  • For any reimbursement under $500, any one (1) of an organization’s Authorized Signers may sign/verify.
  • For any reimbursement over $500, the organization Advisor must also sign /verify. 

In the instance a purchaser is also employed by the university, reimbursement should be filed online via Concur with the system ‘approver’ being listed as the Office of Student Life delegate. In this case, rather than a signature from an Authorized signer and/or Advisor, the necessary individuals may validate reimbursement via email sent to the Office of Student Life.


Authorized Signers are not authorized to sign contracts in any form for the organization or University. All organizations seeking to contract with any external provider (vendor, performer, etc.)  must work with the Office of Student Life to navigate the contract signing process.

For additional information on this policy, please contact the Office of Student Life.