Closing Accounts

The University of Michigan - Dearborn and the Office of Student Life reserve the right to close any student organization account following an extended period of inactivity by the respective organization.

An Extended Period will be defined as two years after the student organization last successfully registered with the Office of Student Life.


  1. Once there is confirmation that the organization has been inactive for at least two years, the student organization’s account will be closed. The shortcode and project grant will also no longer be usable.
  2. The remaining funds in the organization’s account will be reallocated to programs that serve students.
  3. If the organization attempts to become active again, they will be treated as a new organization and will need to go through the necessary registration process in order to be officially recognized. 
  4. The organization will also not be able to reopen their previous account and will have a new account created. 

For additional information, please contact the Office of Student Life.