Rock Painting Policy

Effective September 17, 2018

The tradition of rock painting, properly regulated, has a positive impact on campus. It provides an outlet to show school spirit and pride in individual organizations. This policy and corresponding guidelines are put forth in an effort to address the following needs relative to rock painting:

  • To foster pride within student groups
  • To keep the campus beautiful and environmentally sound, and to protect investments in new and renovated facilities

Rock Painting Guidelines

  • Absolutely no writing or painting of any sort is permitted on any University property other than the Rock located at the northwest entrance of the University Center.
  • Interfering with the freedoms of speech and expression is prohibited by the University of Michigan-Dearborn (i.e. harassment, intimidation, bullying, obstruction, defacing, physical or verbal abuse, etc.).
  • The rock is able to be painted by any Registered Student Organization (RSO) and University Sponsored Organization (USO), as recognized through the Office of Student Life.
  • An open-walled canopy is allowed to be used in the event of inclement weather. No canopies with closed walls or tents of any kind are permitted over and around the Rock. Camping out on campus grounds is not permitted.
  • Vehicles are not allowed on the sidewalk or grass at any time, nor are fires of any kind permitted on University grounds.
  • Barbeque grilling on University grounds is not permitted under regulations set forth by Wayne County Community Health.
  • Organizations are expected to respect each other and to enjoy the tradition of painting the Rock. An organization may be held responsible for the actions of its members if deemed inappropriate and not in accordance of this policy. A member is defined as anyone associated with an organization including, but not limited to, active, current, initiated, alumni, transfer, inactive, intercollegiate, associate, and/or new members.
  • Those painting rocks will ensure that the area is left in a clean condition. They will remove all materials and litter from the site and properly dispose of all paint.
  • Nearby objects shall not be painted.
  • Only water based latex paint is allowed.
  • In light of concerns regarding unhealthy competition to get the rocks painted, please observe the following Rock Painting Etiquette:
    • Entire rock must be painted. Due to the amount of time and planning it takes to paint, it is expected that new painting will completely cover the rock.
    • Painting the rocks should be a fun, voluntary activity. Members or potential new members shall not be required or forced to paint the rock; this is considered a hazing/harming activity.
    • Other groups will not interfere with those painting rocks. People have the right to paint rocks without being bothered, harassed or demeaned.
    • There will be no guarding of any rock. Members or potential new members shall not be required or forced to guard the rock; this is considered a hazing/harming activity.
    • Once painted for 24 hours, other groups may paint over the work.
    • Tagging letters, names, or symbols over other groups’ paintings is prohibited.
    • All rock painting will be done sober. No drinking or drug use is permitted while painting rocks.
    • Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated at the rock. This includes loud music.

For additional information, please contact the Office of Student Life.

Policy owned by: Office of Student Life