UM-Dearborn has partnered with Concourse, a digital payments solution from J.P. Morgan Chase.  You are not required to have an account with J.P. Morgan Chase and no financial account products will be offered to you. Qualifying students will receive an email directly to their account.  The message will require a one-time registration by clicking on the “Register & Accept Payment” button:

Received Payment Screenshot

After registration and login, students will have the option to sign up for direct deposit by setting up a New US Bank Account before the “Action Needed by” date to avoid receiving a paper check via US mail.  There are no fees to set up or use J.P. Morgan Chase Direct Deposit.  It is important that students ensure their address is updated to a valid U.S. or Canadian mailing address to ensure timely receipt of a paper check.

Managing Your Issued Refund

Students can log into JP Morgan with their email address and new password to view and manage prior refunds, including status and delivery methods.  Direct deposit can be set up for future refunds after the first refund is received using the My Wallet menu:

Reissued Checks

There may be a fee assessed to your student account if you request a reissued check due to not receiving the original check in the mail at the address the university has on file.  Please send an email request to [email protected] to have a refund reissued.  If the window to accept a refund transaction has passed, a paper check will be mailed.  Complete your destination preferences in the My Wallet menu and cash the mailed check.  Requesting an already mailed check to be halted in order to reissue the funds as direct deposit may incur a fee to process the request.


If a refund is issued for a term with a credit card payment or a Parent Plus Loan payment, the refund must be issued back to the credit/debit card or a mailed check issued to the student’s parents respectively.  Parents who apply for a Parent Plus Loan may elect refunds to go to the student by contacting The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships [email protected] and requesting to modify their Plus Loan Application. The Plus Loan Application has a checkmark asking refunding preference is to go to the parent or the student.  Direct Deposit Refunds are not available for Parent Plus Loan refunds issued to a parent. Plus Loan Refunds or credit/debit card refunds cannot be tracked or observed at Concourse website.

Student Accounts cannot estimate specific dates refunds will be issued. Refund checks cannot be obtained at the Student Accounts office. Refund checks are processed and issued by J.P. Morgan Chase. Students will receive an email each time a refund is processed for available funds within the Concourse system.
Accounts eligible for refunds are gathered automatically and reviewed for accuracy before processing. If you believe your student account has a longstanding overall credit (negative balance) that has not been issued a refund in error, please complete and submit the Request a Refund form.

For questions regarding refunds issued prior to January 2024, please contact Heartland ECSI's Customer Service Team by calling 1-844-700-0134.

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