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Associate Professor, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Bochen Jia
2260 HPEC
4901 Evergreen Rd
Dearborn, MI 48128

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Biography and Education


Ph.D., Industrial & Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech

M.S., Industrial & Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech

M.S., Engineering Mechanics, Beijing Institute of Technology

B.S., Engineering Mechanics, Beijing Institute of Technology

Teaching and Research

Selected Publications

  1. Jia B., Nussbaum M., Agnew M. (submitted), "A stimulation method to assess the contractile status of the lumbar extensors in a seated posture." Journal of Electromyography & Kinesiology.
  2. Jia B., Kim S, Nussbaum M. (2011), "An EMG-based model to estimate lumbar muscle forces and spinal loads during complex, high-effort tasks: Development and application to residential construction using prefabricated walls." International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics 41(5).
  3. Kim, S., M. A. Nussbaum, and Jia, B. (2012), "The benefits of an additional worker are task-dependent: Assessing low-back injury risks during prefabricated (panelized) wall construction." Applied Ergonomics 43(5): 843-849.
  4. Kim, S., Nussbaum, M. and Jia, B. (2011), "Low back injury risks during construction with prefabricated (panelised) walls: effects of task and design factors." Ergonomics 54(1): 11.
  5. Kim, S., Barker, L., Jia, B., Agnew, M., Nussbaum, M, (2009), "Effects of two hospital bed design features on physical demands and usability during brake engagement and patient transportation: A repeated measures experimental study." International Journal of Nursing Studies.46 (3), page 317-325.


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