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Assistant Professor, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Fred Feng, Ph.D.
2320 HPEC
4901 Evergreen Rd
Dearborn, MI 48128

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Biography and Education

Dr. Feng's research areas include human factors, human-machine interaction, data analytics and visualization, and applied statistics. The applications include road safety, bicycling safety, human-powered mobility, automated vehicles, and system usability.


Ph.D., Industrial and Operations Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2015

M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University, China, 2009

B.E., Automotive Engineering, Tsinghua University, China, 2006

Teaching and Research

Selected Publications


1. Feng, F., Bao, S., Jin, J., Sun, W., Saigusa, S., Tahmasbi-Sarvestani, A., and Dsa, J., Estimating Lead Vehicle Kinematics Using Camera-based Sensor Data for Distraction Detection, International Journal of Automotive Engineering (in press)

2. Feng, F., Bao, S., Hampshire, R., and Delp, M., Drivers overtaking bicyclists-An examination using naturalistic driving data. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 115, 98-109. (2018). 

3. Feng, F., Liu, Y., and Chen, Y., Effects of Quantity and Size of Buttons of an In-Vehicle Touch Screen on Drivers’ Eye Glance Behavior, International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction. (2017). 

4. Feng, F., Bao, S., Sayer, J. R., Flannagan, C., Manser, M., and Wunderlich, R., Can Vehicle Jerk Associated with Gas Pedal Operation be Used to Identify Aggressive Drivers? An Examination Using Naturalistic Driving Data, Accident Analysis & Prevention. 104 (2017), 125-136.

5. Feng, F., Liu, Y., and Chen, Y., A Computer-Aided Usability Testing Tool for In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems, Computers & Industrial Engineering. 109 (2017) 313-324.


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