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Associate Professor of Psychology
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Selected Publications

  • Maouene, J., Sethuraman, N., and Maouene, M. (Under Review). Contingencies between verbs, body parts, and argument structures in Maternal and Child Speech: A corpus study. Language and Cognition. 
  • Sethuraman, N., and Smith, L.B. (2013). Verbs and attention to relational roles: A cross-linguistic study. Journal of Child Language, 40, pp. 358-390.
  • Maouene, J., Sethuraman, N., Laakso, A., and Maouene, M. (2011). The body region correlates of concrete and abstract verbs in early child language. Cognition, Brain, Behavior: An Interdisciplinary Journal, XV:4, pp. 449-484.
  • Sethuraman, N., Laakso, A. and Smith, L.B. (2011). Verbs and syntactic frames in children’s elicited actions: A comparison of Tamil- and English-speaking children.  Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, 40, pp. 241-252.
  • Sethuraman, N. and Smith, Linda B. (2010). Cross-linguistic differences in talking about scenes,” Journal of Pragmatics, 42, pp. 2978–2991.
  • Gasser, M., Sethuraman, N., and Hockema, S. (2010). Iconicity in Expressives: An Empirical Investigation.  In S. Rice and J. Newman (Eds.), Empirical and Experimental Methods in Cognitive/Functional Research, CSLI Publications, Stanford, CA, pp. 163-180.
  • Goodman, J.C. and Sethuraman, N. (2006). Interactions between the development of constructions and the acquisition of word meanings. In E.V. Clark and B. Kelly (Eds.), Constructions in Acquisition, CSLI Publications, Stanford, CA, pp. 263-282.
  • Goldberg, A.E., Casenhiser, D. and Sethuraman, N. (2005). The role of prediction in construction-learning,” Journal of Child Language, 32(2), pp. 407-426.
  • Goldberg, A.E., Casenhiser, D. and Sethuraman, N.. (2004). Learning argument structure generalizations. Cognitive Linguistics, 15-3, 2004, pp. 289-316.

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